Surveys tailored to your business

Learn how to interact with your clients, improve customer experience, and monitor your quality processes.

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Survey engine with conditional logic

Design questionnaires that flow as naturally as a conversation. Add questions that vary according to respondents’ answers and discover what they really think of you.

Integrations for obtaining valuable insights

Connect your surveys with your most-used apps. Turn feedback into valuable data quickly and easily Create incredible automations.

A dashboard. Power in your hands

Find all the information about your questionnaires in one place: behaviour, real-time data visualisation, and evolution over time. All designed to help you take the right action at the right time.

Create intelligent questionnaires and uncover valuable information for your company.

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Automation of real-time responses

With Allswers, you can create automatic responses based on the customer’s input. It also enables you to generate positive reviews and publish these on social media.

Pre-set templates make your work easier.

Pre-set templates make your work easier.
Use our pre-designed models to save time and make faster progress. Manage your experience measurement processes much more efficiently. Easy. Useful. Allswers.

Automate your surveysto measure your company’s value processes

We help you design surveys that provide unique insights into the experiences of the most important people to you.

Customer Experience

Automate how you monitor customer interactions and gain a clear understanding of their behaviour.

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Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Employee Experience

Manage employee engagement and boost productivity.

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Commitment evaluation surveys

90º evaluation surveys

Employee Pulse surveys

Quality monitoring

Monitor quality indicators to ensure you meet every standard.

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Surveys to monitor ISO performance indicators.

EFQM monitoring surveys.